Mustang Corral

2019 - 2020 Meal Price List


Student Pricing:                                      

Full Paid Lunch $3.00                              

Reduced  Lunch $0.40                            

Full Paid Breakfast $1.25                          

Reduced Breakfast $0.30                         


Extra Sale Items for Students:


Entree  $1.50

Fruit  $0.50

Vegetable  $0.50

Dessert  $0.50

Roll  $0.50

Baked Chips  $0.50

Small Bottled Water  $0.50

Large Bottled Water  $1.00

Adult Pricing:                                            

Adult Lunch  $3.75 

Adult Breakfast  $2.00 

   Canned Juice  $1.00

   Extra Milk  $0.50

For students in grades 7 to 12, pizza and hamburgers will continue to be a daily option on the food bar.

Payments & Pricing

Please monitor account balances closely. Teachers and support staff are not responsible for keeping track of meal accounts. Parents should check balances by using Notices will be sent to parent(s)/guardian(s) Monday through Friday whose child has a negative account balance from the Food Services department.


In accordance with the Itawamba County School District Student Charged Meals policy, failure to bring account into good standing will result in further investigation by school counselors and/or principals and/or notification to appropriate state agencies including the Department of Human Services.


Refund Policy: Refunds are only given to students who have moved out of the district, graduated from Itawamba County Schools, or who are receiving free priced meal benefits. 


New School Board Policy:


According to page 29 - 30 in the student handbook, a student will be allowed to charge a maximum of $25 to their cafeteria account. Once a student's account has reached a deficit amount of $25, he or she will: 

*Not be allowed to attend any field trips

*Not be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities; and

*Not be allowed to drive to school.

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