7th Grade Supply List


5 Binders (English/Reading, Math, Social Studies, Science, ICT) 

2 sets of Dividers (English & Social Studies) 

Notebook paper 

Pencils (students keep in their backpacks) 

Copy Paper (English) 

Highlighter (students keep in their backpacks) 

Portfolio Folder (Reading) 

Calculator (4 function) 

Headphones (students keep in their backpacks)

8th Grade Supply List

2020 - 2021 

All Classes: 

• Scientific Calculator - Recommended T1-30X II S (no graphing) 

• Copy paper (math) 

• Pencils (expected daily all year long) 

• Pens (black or blue ink only) 

• Highlighters 

• Post-it Notes 

• 1 Large 3-ring binder (2 72 or 3 inch) for Math, English, 

Social Studies, and Science (You may also have small 

separate binders if you prefer) 

• Loose-leaf paper for binders (expected daily all year long) 

• Dividers for Large 3-ring binder (5 total) . 3 Portfolio folders (paper fastener in center; front and back 

pockets) for Science, ICT2 and English 

• Zippered Bag/Pouch containing the following items (keep in backpack) 

Colored Pencils 

Colored Markers 

    Glue Sticks 

• Composition Notebook (English) 

Wish List: disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer

“Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.”
-Albert Einstein